A warm welcome to this website ... a humble initiative aimed at providing encouragement and support to those that are challenged by infertility or who wish to learn more of the dynamics of infertility.  This initiative is also inspired by the timeless words of Mahatma Gandhi "YOU be the change you want to see in the world". 




The Infertility Support Network (TISN) is a 4-part initiative consisting of :


a)  The website http://www.infertility-support.org.za

b)  A bi-monthly newsletter which is circulated as far and wide as 


c)  Hosting of monthly support group meetings

d) Circulation of a message of encouragement every weekday to all

    within TISN via their cellphone



Anyone who has faced the challenge of not falling pregnant within a year of consistently trying will tell you that the road can be quite a rollercoaster ride. 

From regular visits to a gynecologist or other specialists in the medical field, endless blood samples taken to hearing insensitive remarks from people, the journey can test the strongest of marriages and the most confident of persons.  If you feel like a pin cushion after the needles stuck into you over a period of time, don’t feel like you are alone.  Millions of couples out there are walking this road as well … millions of good law-abiding people !


You will hear several myths about infertility, the most popular being that you have committed the most unforgivable sin for which God is now punishing you.  As you continue to grow older and mature, you soon learn that those misperceptions are fuelled by ignorance on the part of those who utter them without much thought.  To survive the rollercoaster ride, you find yourself searching your faith for the promises of God, surrounding yourself with positive people who accept who as you are, involving yourself in projects that make a positive difference to the pain and suffering of people and reading as much as possible to be educated about a situation that you have very little control over.


While there is a sea of information about every aspect of infertility, it is quite difficult to find the basic information concentrated in one spot.  You learn what you need to know with time, sometimes from the most unexpected sources.  Medical specialists do not always have the patience to explain medical terms in the detail you and I would appreciate.  It therefore becomes your responsibility to remain educated through the different options that are available to you. 


My approach to life has always been to take the negativity and turn it into something positive.  At the time of preparing the content for this site, my husband and I are still without children after 17 years of marriage.  We have determined some time ago that with or without children, we will still love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in every area of our life.  This has evolved into active involvement with a variety of charity organizations, a telephone counseling organization, old-aged homes and children’s homes where we achieve a deep sense of fulfilment and purpose by way of our participation. 


This does not mean that there are no valleys on our road.  Like any other human being, we help each other through the difficult times, particularly the insensitive comments that people cannot help but make.  I must admit that this very rollercoaster ride has seen us more on our knees in prayer than ever before in our lives.  My place of peace is captured succinctly in the Serenity Prayer :



“Lord, grant me the serenity to change the things I can,

accept the things I cannot change and

the wisdom to know the difference !”



The purpose of this website is therefore primarily to provide support to couples facing infertility by providing you with the basic information required and linking you to relevant sources that can support you further.  It would also be useful to people who are in contact with infertile couples, either as friends or family, and want to understand the challenges of the rollercoaster ride. 


The content of the website will be updated on a regular basis to accommodate people from all walks of life.  Any suggestions to improve the website will be most welcome.  Please feel free to contact me via e-mail on krishnee@infertility-support.org.za or post (PO Box 66351, Woodhill, Pretoria, 0076) with your invaluable ideas !






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