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Waiting for a baby can be a very difficult road to walk on when there are physiological difficulties. I know because I walked that road for 10 years and I pray that my story will serve as encouragement to those who might be feeling discouraged along a similar path.


My husband and I got married on 10th May 1980.  After trying to fall pregnant for a while without any positive results, I was submitted to the normal examinations to determine the problem.  All showed that there was nothing wrong with me, so my gynecologist suggested that my husband go for tests.  The first test showed that his sperm count was very low and further tests and X-Rays showed that the cause was a brain tumor close to the pituitary gland, which was causing high prolactin in the blood as well.


Preparation started for my husband to have surgery to remove the tumor. Part of this process was to go for a MRI scan to be used during surgery.  I must mention that from the first X-rays’ results to the time he went for the MRI it was a period of 3 weeks, and we had been praying and trusting God for a miracle and for my husband to be healed without having to be submitted to surgery.  When he was doing the MRI he felt such a strong presence of God with him that he felt that if he hadn’t been healed yet God was healing him right there and then.  The MRI results showed that the tumor was no longer there!


Receiving these results was reason to rejoice and praise God for His healing power.  My husband and I prayed and agreed that if the Lord had removed the root-cause that we were going to rest in Him and that everything was going to return to normality.  I need to mention that by this time, my husband and I had had many discussions concerning the possibility that we might never have children of our own.  We came to a point where we surrendered that to God, and made peace with it.  We married each other because we loved each other and wanted to spend our lives together, with or without children.  For us, and that is a personal preference, adoption or infertility treatments were not an option.


Well, the month following to my husband’s healing I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Tanya who was born after 11 years of waiting, and three years later my son Ruben was born.  God granted us the desire of our hearts which was to have two children – wonderful children!


Whoever reads my story and whatever their reality is, I pray that it will serve as an encouragement, and, above all, motivate them to place their dreams and desires in Father God’s Hands – He knows best!








We had been trying for several years to have a baby, but to no avail. After much prayer and consideration we tried AI (artificial insemination) and later IVF (in-vitro fertilisation). It was not an easy decision to proceed with IVF because of the stigma attached to it by many Christians. (Some believe it is manipulating life and is a faithless act).  We had many well-meaning Christian friends and church members who cautioned us against IVF, warning us that we were taking life into our own hands and potentially angering God. One woman came to us with a prophetic word, saying we had sin in our marriage and that is why we couldn’t fall pregnant! This could not be further from the truth, but, none the less, was disturbing to us. I (Charlotte) battled with the concept of IVF and the question of ‘How far do you go’, but eventually came to a place of peace in knowing that it is God who breathes life and if it was His Will to give us a child, He would.


Support and prayer is vital

We went for  attempts at AI and IVF, both expensive and emotionally taxing procedures (each AI attempt is R 5 000 and IVF starts at about R 13 000!) It was truly a testing time and without the prayer, support and understanding of friends and family, we would not have coped. Sometimes  I would  feel sad  for  seemingly no reason  and call a  close  friend  who would  just listen.  She would shield me from all the questions and ‘polite’ people asking why  I still had no children (as they assumed wrongfully that I was career driven and had chosen to put a family on hold).  Baby showers became occasions of pain for me, and I would occasionally decline. Baby dedications  in  church also  proved challenging to both Carl and I, as we had to watch others rejoice while we secretly continued to hope and pray for our turn.


Stay focused on the Lord

“My (Carl) suggestion to couples is to consult the best professionals available to you (we used the experts at Vincent Pallotti Hospital). Because of the weighty consquences (and in many cases disappointments) of IVF, both the husband and wife need to be involved. The desire to have a baby can either consume you and eventually destroy your marriage, or it can draw you closer together and towards God.  We’ve been asked by people why, in a country full of orphans, we did not choose to adopt. Our answer is two-fold. Firstly, we did indeed look at adoption as an option a few years ago when we fostered a young teenage boy, Patrick.


Seek God’s plans

Though we were denied adoption rights, it was an incredible privilege for us to foster him for a few years and see Patrick blossom from a dire background into a man of God. Adoption agencies tell us that teenagers are the ‘least favoured’ on the list when potential parents request a child, so we strongly believe it is a need that childless Christian parents can fill.  After this experience, we proceeded to try for our own baby. It is an ingrained human desire to father and mother your own children, though we would have been satisfied with whatever path the Lord  chose for us. Wonderfully in 2007 we conceived through IVF and little Connor was born the next year. Connor (whose name in Gaelic means ‘much wanted’) has brought us immense joy and taught us so many things - to trust in the Lord always, to never get angry or blame God when we face trials and to understand the incredible Grace and power of God in giving and taking life.


Advice for couples

We know that our story is a successful one, and that our years of waiting on God for a child was honoured and for this we are so grateful, but we know this is not the case for everyone. We’ve learnt incredible empathy and encourage couples waiting on God to treasure His Word and not to put life on hold for a baby. Keep active in building God’s Kingdom and try not to get hurt by ignorant people who don’t understand.





My name is Bea.  I met Krishnee in Pretoria East Hospital in September 2008 when I went in for a hysterectomy and she came in for a laparoscopy to remove cysts.  I am thankful for the opportunity to share my story and hope that it will be of encouragement to anyone out there.  All the pain that I have been through will then be of some purpose. Here is part of my story.  Anyone can contact me if they wish to know anything about the adoption process.  I would like to be of help with your monthly Infertility Support Group Meetings as well if possible.   


My husband and I got married in 1997.  After 3 years we decided to try for a baby.  I first needed an operation.  In 2000 our little girl was born after terrible labour.  Then we tried for a son like any father would like.  After 5 miscarriages I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost a fallopian tube as result of twins in the tubes.  We tried again, took all the medicines that were prescribed to give ourselves the best chance and there I was pregnant again.  I visited the gynae every week and finally we heard the heart beat.  What joy !  Then at 16 weeks it was time for a checkup and the gynae’s`s face turned white.  The heartbeat was gone.  This was the worst time in my life.  I made sure by going for a second opinion.  But there was nothing … no heartbeat at all.  After the operation and test we discovered the baby girl had Turner Syndrome.  My life changed after this.  Depression followed and finally I had a nervous breakdown.  My little girl was traumatized and it was difficult for my husband to understand my feelings.  However, he was very supportive. 


I was a nursery school teacher at the time and had this boy in my class that did not have such a good background.  I told the little boy’s guardian that if they want a home for him, my husband and I will be available.  After my last failed pregnancy, he called me one day.  The little boy’s mother is in jail and is going through a divorce.  The guardian (father) asked me if I would like to take care of this little boy.  Here was my prayer being answered from heaven.  Not as I would like it (I would liked to have my own baby boy), but as He would.  This little boy was in and out of foster care for two years and we are in the process of adopting him.  He and his sister (our biological little girl) are getting on like any brother and sister.  Our little son is a pleasure in our home. 


The adoption process also brought us healing in many ways.  I went on to lose two more pregnancies and then became pregnant with twins again.  Again, it was another ectopic pregnancy.  One of the twins started to develop in my uterus but then I miscarried that little baby as well.  Thereafter, I lost my second fallopian tube and with that, my ability to fall pregnant naturally ever again. 


We had to decide then what to do.   I was not happy at all, medical problems continued to increase and I was back and forth to the gynae.  The he told me something very important.  Live for what you have not for what you long to have.  Only God can give life, so we decided against fertility treatments.  I had my hysterectomy in September 2008 and it was not easy but a load is off from my shoulders.  I hope to be of help to somebody because I know what it is to be alone and desperate to have children.  I want to encourage others on the same road and give them hope from my experience.  I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for His healing and comfort in my life and my family.   







I am married for 20 years now.  From 1987 until 1996, I tried to have a child.  I saw many gynaes as recommended but nothing happened.  I did not try artificial insermination.  I adopted my son, Aqueel, in 1996 and have never looked back.  I have not seen anyone for medical assistance since then.  I believe that Aqueel is our purpose.  He was meant for us.  As far as family is concerned, there was no issue with me not falling pregnant.  However, my husband’s family feels sorry for me thinking that I am the problem.  It has truly been a blessing having Aqueel in our lives.  I do not want to think of having another child.  I believe that I have experienced parenthood !









Fertility treatments can cause you to lose your mind.  You virtually stop breathing while you go through them, just so that you can be still and increase your chances of implantation.  I lost part of my womb in my twenties due to severe endometrioses.  It was still possible to fall pregnant but the chances had decreased substantially.  I have since decided to stop all treatments and enjoy some degree of quality of life with my husband.  We don’t feel convicted to adopt a child.  It appears that we will grow old together just by ourselves.  I have tried everything possible – would have been nice if it turned out differently but as the Serenity Prayer goes “Lord, help me to change the things I can, accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference”. 








This testimony expressing our thanks is long overdue.  Our family has been greatly helped and encouraged by Oral Roberts Ministries over the years.  About ten years ago, my husband, Gary, was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which had spread throughout his abdomen, stomach and lungs.  The cancerous tumors were so widespread that Gary’s chance for survival was not good.  The tumors were for the most part inoperable and the only treatments the doctors could offer were surgery and chemotherapy.  They also explained that as a result of the chemotherapy treatments, Gary would never be able to father children.  On top of all that, due to the illness, Gary lost his job and our medical bills totaled more than $20 000.  We really needed a miracle.  We often watched Richard and Lindsay Roberts on tv and was helped and encouraged by the program, especially by their healing prayers.  Through that ministry, we had learned to sow our seeds of faith and believe for our miracle.  And we did not give up believing on God’s word.  After several months of chemotherapy, Gary began to recover.  A year later, I became pregnant with a set of fraternal twins – a boy and a girl – without the use of any fertility drugs.  When the twins were a year old, we found out that we were expecting twins again – a set of fraternal boys.  Gary has been free of cancer for almost eight years now and all our medical bills are paid.  We also have two sets of twins (Robert, Regina, Randy and Gary) to show what great things God has done for us !







How I praise God for what He has done for my grandson, Joshua.  When his mother was only three or four months pregnant with him, something happened that caused his brain to stop growing.  As a result, he was born blind, suffered brain damage and the doctors said he would be developmentally delayed.  For the first few months of his life, he couldn’t even hold his head up or move his arms and legs.  Oh, what heartache that caused us.  Our church prayed and I wrote and asked the ministry to pray also.  After only a few months, we noticed that Joshua was following us with his eyes when we moved.  We knew God was healing him, but we kept on praying and we also took him to church with us every week.  Thanks to the Lord, things kept improving.  At six months of age, Joshua was walking in a baby’s walker, putting out his hand and reaching for things like a normal, healthy little boy.  When he was two years old, we took him for further evaluation and the doctors said that he was no longer developmentally delayed.  Joshua has such a wonderful personality that everybody who sees him says “There is something special about that boy”.  I believe God has great plans for his life and that he will testify of all the things that happened when he was born and of how God healed him.  God is a miracle working God !







My father died of cancer when I was only twelve years old, and later my mother was also diagnosed with cancer.  So in my mid-twenties, when my doctor told me of a large orange on my right ovary, I knew it was time to start believing God.  Not only was my right ovary the only functioning ovary I had (and I desperately wanted children), but I was facing a battle for my life.  The tumor was so large and so painful that I would go into orbit any time someone touched my abdomen.  The doctor wanted to schedule surgery immediately because he was afraid the tumor might have already ruptured.  But he agreed to let me wait until the following Monday so I could attend the Oral Roberts University Family Seminar that weekend.  I knew it would be three power-packed days of ministry, fellowship and praying for the sick and I felt that if I could only plant a special seed of prayer for the healing of someone else, God would multiply it back to me in the form of my own miracle.  You see, James 5:16 says “Pray one for another, that ye may be healed”.


When the doctor checked me again on Sunday night before the scheduled surgery on Monday, the tumor was still on the X-rays and the ultrasound and it could still be felt during the examination.  So I asked the doctor to tell me a little bit about the tumor itself.  That’s when he said to me “Lindsay, it is like a mountain that’s eating up all the little molehills around it”.  When he called that tumor a mountain, my faith went off in me like a rocket.  I remembered that Jesus had said in Mark 11:23, “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith”.


So I told the doctor “Praise God, Mark 11:23 says that I can speak to my mountain and it will obey me.  I am so greatful I had a Spirit-filled doctor who replied “Lindsay, I’ll agree with you for a miracle but if the tumor is still there in the morning, we’ll expect your miracle to come through surgery.  I went to bed that night speaking to my mountain but lo and behold, the next morning the tumor was still there.  So I was wheeled into surgery knowing that anything the tumor had become attached to might also have to be removed, which could have meant that I would have to have a complete hysterectomy.  That was a shattering thought.


When I woke up a few hours later, the nurse said to me “Honey, it’s all gone”.  I thought they had taken everything out and I began to sob.  I thought I would never have children.  Then she explained, “No Lindsay, you don’t understand – when they opened you up, the tumor was gone”.  I found out later that morning that the doctor had made two incisions that morning and the tumor they had seen on X-rays and ultrasound had completely disappeared.  I am a person who is not supposed to be alive today.  I am a person who was never supposed to have children.  But I am alive and well and God has given us three precious daughters – Jordan (11), Olivia (9) and Chloe (7).  Praise God, for His faithfulness !








If you would like to contribute your testimony (WITH OR WITHOUT A PHOTOGRAPH) and encourage someone that might be in a similar situation, you are more than welcome to do so.  PLEASE E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY ON krishnee@infertility-support.org.za.  There is so much of pain out there.  Sometimes all that is required is a listening ear or encouraging word !


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