Myth 1 - Infertility is the same as sterility, and it’s rather rare.



Myth 2 - Women are having babies well into their forties, so it is probably safe to delay  




Myth 3 - Infertility is mostly a woman’s problem.



Myth 4 - Standing on your head after intercourse will improve your odds of conceiving.



Myth 5 - At least infertile couples are “having fun trying.”



Myth 6 - Infertility is caused by the need to relax

             (“Just relax and you will fall pregnant immediately.”)



Myth 7 - A woman must have an orgasm to conceive.



Myth 8 - Adoption cures infertility (“Just adopt and you’ll get pregnant.”)



Myth 9 - It must be the woman in that couple who has the problem. 

             That’s why they don’t have children.



Myth 10 - Most infertile couples seek high-tech medical treatment.



Myth 11 - Infertility is a curse from God (“You must have committed an unforgiveable sin and God

               is  now punishing you by keeping you barren.”)



Myth 12 - Doctors take huge risks with embryos in high-tech programs, making these options




Myth 13 - Involvement in progressive issues that are stress-related are keeping your barren

              (“Maybe if you stop studying, then you will fall pregnant.”)



Myth 14 - Infertility is assumed if pregnancy has not occurred after many years.



Myth 15 - Irregular cycles are assumed to be potentially problematic.



Myth 16 - The Lord generally answers people’s prayers almost immediately.  If a couple’s prayer

               with regards to children is not being answered, God must be really angry with them for




Myth 17 - If a couple are not falling pregnant, the man must be shooting blanks.         



Myth 18 - God does forgive sins, but the sins of the infertile person are unforgiveable.



Myth 19 - Fertility drugs cause cancer.  Therefore don’t even consider doing fertility treatment.



Myth 20 - Doing fertility treatment means interfering with God’s business.  Don’t play God.  If you

               are not falling pregnant, God does not want you to have children.


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